The directing work of

 Chandler Ryd 

with the help of many (many)

talented collaborators

Short Films

Check out our recent film, Into the Plainsa drama about a mother who departs on a road trip to escape her grief after a death in the family. Filmed across iconic locations in Colorado, the film features a soulful performance from Maggie Alexander.

Or learn about our new production, Double BondsmenOne night, while delivering food for DoorDash, deadbeat twin brothers—who are aspiring bounty hunters—hear a gunshot, discover a body, and decide to track down the killer in order to prove their worth as bounty hunters. 

Commercial Work

I specialize in content for non-profits and educational institutions—like Hillsdale College, where I have directed TV and web spots (and lots of social content) seen by millions. 

I have the distinct pleasure to work with production companies, crews, and collaborators from across the country who have elevated the work with their many talents. You know who you are.

Hi. I'm Chandler.

I believe that telling stories is one of the most human things we can do.

Our very existence revolves around narrative: we reflect on the stories of our lives and call them memories; we observe the stories of the past and call it history; we contemplate the stories of God and know it to be gospel. 

The mundane occurrences in the lives of regular people are charged with profound significance. I want to uncover this significance in my films.

This is the philosophy I bring to every film I make. You have a story. Let me tell it.


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