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Short Films

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Double Bondsmen
(Coming Fall 2022)

Brett and Rhett are twin brothers with a wild dream—becoming bounty hunters. But in this economy…there’s not a lot of money in justice. So one night, while delivering food for DoorDash, they hear a gunshot, discover a body, and resolve to track down the killer in order to prove their skills and chase their dream. Only one problem: they have no idea what they're stumbling into.


Into the Plains Movie Poster.jpg
Into the Plains (2018)

A woman embarks on a cross-country road trip while grappling with the recent loss of a child.


Anna is a small-town journalist in Grand Junction, CO. Overwhelmed and despairing, Anna one night leaves her husband, escaping away from their home, driving through the mountain highways, going farther eastward down into the plains. Much of the film takes place on the road, with Anna lost inside herself until she meets a helpful stranger along the way. 



Behind the Scenes

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